Quit Smoking Weed to Avoid These Downsides of Marijuana

by mike on January 5, 2011

Why it´s better to quit smoking weed

In case you belong to those guys who just sometimes burn one joint, there´s most likely not much to be afraid of. Yet , when you get the feeling that Weed has taken the management about your life you ought to seriously consider to quit smoking weed. The more you smoke, the a lot more likely 1 or much more of the subsequent side-effects will hit you.

Short Term Outcomes of Weed

Short term effects of Weed are usually what are generally referred to as the higher which may impact individuals in different methods. The downside to this really is that there are negative effects that may accompany this substantial. These kinds of effects generally include: Paranoia, forgetfulness, confusion, anxiety, panic and anxiety attacks, and a loss of coordination. In rare instances it can even result in excessive instances of psychosis. Now, this doesn’t happen to everybody but also a lot from the drug can cause these issues and some people are far more vulnerable towards the danger than other people.

Cannabis is a risky drug and even though several folks feel that occasional use will not result in an addiction, they couldn’t be much more wrong. Though Cannabis is not a strong physical addiction like a few of the other medications, it may nonetheless be quite addictive. Actually several professionals believe that the emotional or psychological addiction is as strong as physical addiction. Therefore very best method to remain free from these troubles is to quit smoking weed the earlier the better.

Long Term Effects of Cannabis

Quit smoking weedWeed utilization damages several components from the physique. Due to the fact it’s inhaled it impacts not only the mouth, but in addition throat, lung area, cardiovascular system, liver and reproductive system to identify a few. The smoke inhaled can result in lung cancer, a lot more so than cigarettes. This is due to the fact that concentration of  harmful  substances like carcinogenic hydrocarbons is more than doubled as compared to cigarettes. Other troubles such as asthma,  pneumonia or bronchitis, tend to be also linked to frequent Cannabis use. The smoke also locations higher stress around the heart and if there is a background of heart problems or high blood pressure it may be a deadly combination. Use can also lead to an inhibited production of sperm in the male and ovulation for women, consequently affecting the reproductive system.

Therefore if you want to avoid these negative effects of Marijuana quit smoking weed – Now.

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Mitch February 29, 2012 at 11:35 pm

Sources? Im all for trying to quit but the facts presented on this page seem to be misleading or outright fabricated.


Ryan March 8, 2012 at 3:38 am

I am not a weed smoker but I know for a fact that most of what this article contains are outright lies. I’ll admit there are risks to inhaling smoke, especially regularly, but to say that marijuana is worse than cigarettes is clearly an uneducated statement. Marijuana does not cause cancer at all, marijuana does not kill brain cells, Marijuana is not addictive, and it is nearly impossible to ingest a lethal dose of THC. Check your facts


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