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by mike on May 5, 2011

You will find many beneficial good reasons to smoke cannabis: it’s fun, relieves tension, ideal formaking friends, healthcare benefits. But you will discover also the key reason why somebody may wish to quit smoking bud too: drug screening via work or even probation, you may just smoke cigarettes an excessive amount of and wish to cease, life’s duties making up floor along with you, along with other issues.

Much like giving up smoking, giving up marijuana following you’ve been doing the work with regard to such a long time may appear as being a daunting and incredibly battle. Despite the fact that the bodily dependency, like through nicotine in cigarettes, isn’t there, marijuana is actually psychologically addicting. You merely get accustomed to being higher, approximately accustomed to deploying it to unwind following a difficult day’s work, it appears not possible to stop.

I’ve individually quit smoking weed for some time, mainly because associated with probation, along with other things past my control. So as a result I can provide you with some things and strategies in ways to gain control over your life again.

My very first tip to quit smoking weed for good would be that you need to first determine if you want to get it done, if you aren’t inside it 100%, then it’s only will make it harder. You might also need to determine if you wish to quit, or simply decelerate to ensure that way you aren’t always high and try to investing all of your spare cash on weed.

If you don´t know where you stand right now, I can recommend you this book here. It´s “No Need For Weed” by James Langton, a guy who´s today working for the british self-help organisation Clearhead. But before this James was really heavy pot-head and went thru all the ups and down we probably all know to well. It´s very personal written and although I´m away from weed for a decent time I gained some great insights. Plus it offers some very useful tips and strategies to quit smoking weed for good.no_need_for_weed_cover


You can get it from Amazon for around 20 bucks or from the Clearhead website by clicking the links.  And no, I don´t get any commission, just like the book 😉

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