Quit Smoking Weed – 3 Tips to Get Started

by mike on March 15, 2011

To quit smoking weed might be very easy…


quit-smoking-weed…for some people, but a horribly difficult thing for others. Many people would like to quit smoking weed the sooner the better but simply just have no clue how to get started. Some try to quit anyway, without having any plan, or strategy or whatsoever – and fail grandiosely. But if you have smoked for a long time and want to free yourself from cannabis now, you need a working exit-strategy and I hope this article might give you some help and advice.

The debate about cannabis addiction is a very controversial one since many people are not able to differentiate between a real physical addiction and a mental dependency. But while you may face some physical withdrawal symptoms, quite similar to what cigarettes smokers experience, in most cases it´s rather the psychological aspects that most long-term users struggle with.

This is even truer when smoking joints each and every day has become a habit or routine to you and you have got used to live in a stoned mindset. So, even though you´re not really have a physical need for cannabis, you may quite likely have developed a mental need for being high. This one of the first things you need to get aware of: You’re not addicted to weed, but you´re mentally addicted to be high.

From my personal experience these are the 3 most important steps if you want to quit smoking weed:

1.       Set a Starting Date to Quit Smoking Weed


From I recommend setting your fix date for quit smoking weed, within maximum a month from now on. Setting a quit date allows you to get prepared to quit smoking weed both mentally and physically. Don´t make the mistake to keep it some kind of sketchy like next month, or when school starts again, or as soon as my bag is empty. This is how I´ve failed many times before I learned just how important the setting of an actual date is. I convinced myself more than once that this bag would be my very last, and blasted it just like there would be no tomorrow. But as soon as this bag has run out, I bought myself another last one, and another last, and so on… Know what I mean?

2.       Prepare Your House to Quit Smoking Weed


Weed smokers often have loads of wonderful equipment. If you´re serious about quitting you want to get rid of it; either donate them to friends or simply throw them away. I know this is harsh but whatever you do, clean up your environment and eliminate all weed or pot related gadgets. Believe me, it´s much easier to resist the cravings that will arise with a certainty once there is nothing that reminds you about it right in front of you.

3.       Prepare Yourself to Quit Smoking Weed


One of the most common reasons for folks to fail on quit smoking weed is because they´re not prepared for the withdrawal. But alone by setting yourself a fix quit date, you´ve gained a big advantage, since you know just when the withdrawal will begin, and you can prepare yourself.

Anxieties just like when you´ve run out of dope (but of course much stronger), a loss of appetite and problems to fall asleep are very common symptoms of withdrawal in the first week of quitting weed. Therefore, do some research on what to expect in order to be prepared mentally when you face these problems.

In most cases these symptoms disappear after a week or two and once you´ve made it this far, chances are you may succeed on quit smoking weed. Although this may not be the end of the road already, you´ve made the first and most important step towards a new and self-determined life. No one says it´ll be completely easy but with the right strategies everyone can quit smoking weed.

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