Do I Have Problems with Marijuana?

by mike on April 6, 2011

Why should someone quit smoking weed?


What can be wrong about a joint or two? Nowadays marijuana is maybe the most popular drug, besides alcohol, worldwide and many people don´t have any problems with weed. Most cannabis users start smoking as teenagers or young adults, do so for some years and give it up quite easily at some point without any troubles. Additionally a great number believe that the health risks related to dope are some kind of trifling when compared to hard drugs, alcohol or nicotine.

I´m not going to preach


better quit smoking weed in timeI´m neither demonizing dope nor do I want to minimize it. I’ve been smoking weed for more than half of my life before I came to the point of quitting about 3 years ago. I had some fine times with weed, especially in my starting years and many harsh ones too. And before I finally could break with dope I went thru same experiences as probably most of you:

  • Trying to reduce consumption,
  • immediate cold turkey,
  • not buying any weed myself and just smoking one with my buddies.

And I did that weird stuff that may sound familiar to some of you like throwing away my bag of weed (of course it was just a tiny debris) in the evening, swearing this time to quit once and for all, only to find myself digging up the garbage on the very next morning. But hey, I´m not addicted, not me. Everybody knows that marijuana isn’t an addictive drug, isn’t it? Let´s be honest, how many of you have, just like me, scraped together the remains in the ash-tray just to roll one? Well, today I´m able to smile about this although in those days I really hated myself for being that feeble.

Now, everybody will have their own reasons for wanting to quit weed. For me personally, it was because I felt that my dope obsession was going to ruin my whole life plus keeps me from achieving the things I originally wanted to achieve in my younger days. Weed was just like some kind of glue that kept me stuck to a life I didn’t want to live anymore. And at some point when I got totally honest with myself I had to admit to myself that what once was some kind of fun has turned out to be an attempt to escape from life itself. I was more or less anesthetizing myself and my little world became even smaller with every day gone by…

Where Do You Stand?


When you´re thinking about to quit smoking weed, it´s not a bad idea to start off with taking a closer look at your relationship with Mary Jane. How have you started to use cannabis? Has it already become your main focus of identity? Has the extended use of weed already accelerated to a point where weed has taken control over your life?

These following questions may give you a better idea of where you stand right now. Of course this is not a test where you get a result at the end, but for me some of these questions really made me stop and think. Maybe they even made me think and stop…

  • Have I tried to reduce or stop smoking weed several times but couldn’t hold on to it?
  • Is weed my main source of relaxation, maybe even the only one?
  • Am I suppressing uncomfortable emotions or thoughts by smoking a joint?
  • Do I smoke all alone most of the times?
  • Is a joint my way to stay away from dealing with problems?
  • Am I still enjoying my joints or do I get a guilty conscience about?

If you´re not sure whether to quit smoking weed or not, you may think about these for a minute or two…

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