Depersonalization – One Serious Downside Of Marijuana Abuse

by mike on January 31, 2011

One dangerous downside of marijuana is surely its ability to cause serious changes on you personality…

There is a lot involving confusion about cannabis caused depersonalization, along with whether or not it is completely different from non-marijuana activated depersonalization. In this post I want to write about how marijuana is related to depersonalization. I want to explain the relationship between weed and depersonalization, and I also need to show you what you can do to completely eliminate cannabis caused depersonalization and take back a healthy sense involving self.

Does pot on it’s own trigger depersonalization?

Simply no. Marijuana is among several possible “triggers” for depersonalization.

Any DP trigger is a stress factor that interacts with a predisposition pertaining to depersonalization. Triggers range from hallucinogenic drug treatments, marijuana, stressful lifestyle events, stressful instances, or anything that will cause intense psychic ache. Depersonalization can be triggered by way of a very diverse choice of things. In addition to these kinds of acute triggers, depersonalization could arise in a continuous process over a period of moment. If emotional neglect in childhood is extreme enough, people could depersonalize in early adolescence or perhaps before.

A cannabis caused depersonalization panic and anxiety attack creates in the particular person fears of planning insane, fears involving losing control, and also bizarre sensations primary him or her to believe that the world isn’t true,and they are separate from themselves. This specific triggers the intense onset of DPD. It is probable that when the person hadn’t used to smoke marijuana at all, they might have acquired DP coming from a different trigger, offered their psychological historical past.

In order to understand how anyone acquired DP, you have to recognize that what seemingly induced the disorder (your trigger) is different readily available true underlying brings about.

A predisposition for establishing DP is the result of a disorganized accessory style, growing up in a very dysfunctional family system, continual emotional abuse, forget, social isolation, witness to traumatic events, and also interpersonal trauma, or perhaps any combination of these factors. These risk components leave people prone to dissociate (depersonalize) in the face of future living stress (a induce).

You can’t say everyone who smoke marijuana depersonalizes, in fact a lot of people don’t. This is because it doesn’t have a predisposition to depersonalize industry by storm high stress levels. Weed simply sets off a difficulty that was most likely sooner or later going to occur in the course of some stressful circumstance anyway.

Is Cannabis caused depersonalization basically completely different from non weed caused depersonalization, and may you choose to be treated differently?

Simply no and no. Whatever your trigger is, depersonalization problem is fundamentally a similar disorder, and should always be addressed in a related matter. All people have some other and unique depersonalization account, with different co-occurring and co-morbid issues (such as anxiety disorders, different personality and feelings disorders). A number of people may go through more the signs of derealization when compared with depersonalization. But regardless of what “flavor” involving depersonalization you’ve acquired, it has to be treated inside the same basic approach.

Many people that purchased DP by smoking weed believe that since “I drugged me into it, I can substance myself out of it”. That is certainly simply not the case. You can even believe that you have a “chemical imbalance” which needs to be corrected by taking several medications or oddball products. The studies have demonstrated that medication utilize for depersonalization is not as powerful as therapy. There isn’t a “magic pill” cure for depersonalization.

What’s more , it makes no difference if you acquired DP from your first mutual you smoked, or perhaps if you had been smoking cigarettes for many months prior to panic and anxiety attack occurred.

Precisely how should cannabis caused depersonalization be dealt with?

If you want to experience a total recovery from depersonalization and have back to being your current old self, you’ll have to consciously course of action your past injury, and deal with your psychological abuse you’ve got suffered. There is no way with this in mind. This is an incremental procedure that involves experiencing ache that you suppressed and also pushed out of your informed awareness. Processing thoughts in little portions has been referred to as obtaining “safe emergencies”. In the same way that soreness is involved in weight-lifting and muscle expansion, emotional pain will be involved in developing emotive awareness and strength.

Restorative healing from depersonalization needs you to reflect on the previous pain so that you can become resolved in direction of it, and so which you integrate those activities into your self construction, rather than suppress the sentiments, or try to overlook your pain.

The cool thing is you never properly determined the source of your fury, which is in many cases a new neglectful and emotionally violent parent. Once you discover the sources of the pain, you can then one on one your anger inside proper direction.

Step one in the recovery process is just becoming aware of the simple fact you were abused. Most of the people that got DP simply by smoking pot are usually conned into believing that marijuana is the bring about, and the only trouble they ever had. The reality is that depersonalization is going to keep with you if you don’t get an earned risk-free attachment style, if you don’t process the emotional abuse.

There are numerous noticeable signals that a person has experienced emotive abuse, ranging from a universal sense of remorse, intense anger in which seemingly comes from thin air, low self esteem, perfectionism, wherewithal to enjoy one’s home, depression, anxiety, psychosomatic troubles, and a plethora involving other problems.

Two wonderful books on the topic involving subtle childhood shock are Toxic Mothers and fathers by Susan Onward and Children of the Home Absorbed by Nina Brownish.

Allan Schore, a neuropsychiatrist from UCLA along with leading researcher in neuro-scientific affective neuroscience has left a comment on how suppressed thoughts cause psychosomatic problems, one being dissociation.

Any time thoughts are processed knowingly, higher parts of as their pharmicudical counterpart become activated, including the orbito medial prefrontal cortex (OMPFC) and anterior cingulate. In case pain isn’t highly processed consciously, the useful disconnectivity of the brain will continue to be, and depersonalization disorder will certainly persist.

Won’t drugs speed up the entire process of rehabilitation?

Not likely. Actually, prescription drugs will most likely prolong the particular disorder, and many prescription drugs can even increase the harshness of depersonalization and anxiety signs.

Medications prolong depersonalization to get a primary reason: they permit people to numb by themselves from their unresolved shock and emotional mistreatment.

Instead of processing their particular emotional pain and having resolved towards that, medications allow website visitors to maintain their poor psychological habits.

Drugs can be useful for emergencies, for instance during an extreme panic or anxiety attack. They should only be used on rare instances, however, and not habitually. In fact, it really is better to never make use of them. For treating more serious disorders such as the illness or schizophrenia, medications will be more appropriate.

Medications typically deter people coming from getting to the root reason behind depersonalization, and getting rid of the particular disorder for good.

When you have depersonalization disorder and are employing medications, I suggest you check with you psychiatrist concerning withdrawing from them. The particular withdrawal process can be quite a painful process, so it is important that you do it effectively.

Is there anything else somebody who acquired DP from pot can do to recover?

Studying how to use Cognitive Conduct Therapy (CBT) techniques can be very useful in overcoming the particular obsessional aspects of the problem, self rumination, and altered existential fears. Engaging in equally aerobic exercise (e.gary. sustained running for about 30 minutes) and anaerobic exercising (e.g. strength training three times a week), can be extremely beneficial. Removing caffeine, alcohol, weed, and other stimulants is effective as well. It’s also good to eat mostly total vegetables, fruits, and also lean meats in smaller sized portions throughout the day.

In summary, it is incorrect to think about marijuana as the only cause of depersonalization disorder along with derealization. In reality, it is the hint of an iceberg. To recover via depersonalization, you don’t have to “negate what the weed did”, you have to focus on the correct underlying causes, along with resolve those troubles.

Harris Harrington is a former depersonalization victim. He has studied mindsets at UC Berkeley and has executed extensive research straight into depersonalization disorder. He is your creator of Depersonalization Healing: Total Integration Process, a 10-hour course directed at eliminating depersonalization disorder and also enabling DP sufferers to generate a full recovery.

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em water March 26, 2011 at 4:43 pm

Thank you for this article. I have suffered from chronic depersonalization for years now . Only recently I have found out the name of this disorder as I did not know what I was suffering from. I realize therapy is needed. I would like to know where to find a good therapist in treating this; best would be, to find a place where one can stay and receive treatment for a longer period of time. I would really appreciate if you could inform me about places/people which are specialized in helping to treat the disorder. Thank you.


mike March 29, 2011 at 5:19 pm

Sorry man, but I don´t think I can help you with this since I´m neither a MD nor a therapist. Only thing that I can tell you how to free yourself from toking and that all of my personal psychological issues disappeared after I got drug-free. Not instantly but over time…


mike April 5, 2011 at 7:38 pm

hi em water,
did a little reasearch and found an interessting website that may be for you. It´s
You may check it out…


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